Total Golf Trainer

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Total Golf Trainer

12 Settings, 3 Shapes, All the Shots. 
The Total Golf Trainer reinforces swing fundamentals with 3 simple shapes and 12+ settings to improve all the shots. The TGT attaches to a standard sized golf grip and comes with a Medium and Large training rod.

Included in Box:

  • 1 Total Golf Trainer (attaches to club grip)
  • 1 Medium Training Rod 7”
  • 1 Long Training Rod 12”

With the Total Golf Trainer...No Swing Fault is Safe

Finally! A golf swing trainer that can fix virtually every single problem in your golf swing. 

The Total Golf Trainer is truly the “swiss army knife” of training aids. In fact, because it is such a versatile training device, it can easily replace several training devices already on the market due to its adjustability and ease of use (written & video directions included). It’s the only training device on the market that can help you eliminate every flaw in your golf swing.

Simply attach it to the end of any golf club with a standard size grip, and you’re ready to go. We even provide a library of videos lead by PGA Professionals Martin Hall, Mike Bender, and Warren Bottke so that you can learn more about all of the different ways you can utilize the Total Golf Trainer to become a more consistent ball striker and lower your scores.

 Product highlights:

 ●      Positive/negative feedback. You’ll learn how to “feel” the correct positions throughout the golf swing so you know what a great swing feels like (a proven approach to improvement).

 ●      You’ll master the takeaway, perfect your club position at the top, learn how to drop the club into the slot, and unload mercilessly on the golf ball with a powerful release.

 ●      The Total Golf Trainer teaches you how to control the clubface and get into a perfect position at the moment of truth; impact.

 ●      You can hit shots on the driving range or practice green area with the Total Golf Trainer, or you can use it at home to practice your full swing, pitching and chipping. It’s the multipurpose training device you need to fix your faults and hit all the shots you need to shoot lower scores! 

3 Main Features

Fixes All Swing Faults

The TGT provides unlimited settings to fix all of your swing faults. This is not your normal “one trick pony” trainer.  The unique combination of settings, adjustable training rods, and ability to hit balls with the TGT makes it the most revolutionary golf training device on the market.

Can Replace Multiple Products

The TGT replaces 15 plus products currently on the market providing the greatest value of any training device you’ll find anywhere. It’s the swiss army knife of golf training products.

Learn through Feel & Ingrain Proper Fundamentals

The TGT can be shaped to reinforce any fundamental or fix any swing fault you’re struggling with.  The TGT teaches feel with a multitude of settings designed to receive positive feedback on a correct swing or negative feedback on an incorrect swing. 

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  • 4
    Total Golf Trainer

    Posted by Ross Brookshire on Nov 1st 2017

    I'm learning where to point the end of my club. I like how it provides a location in my peripheral sight.

  • 5
    I recommend this 100%

    Posted by Richard on Jul 13th 2017

    It was so easy to use and the instructional videos they sent me after my purchase was so helpful

  • 5
    Love This product

    Posted by Jeff on Jul 13th 2017

    Really has helped my overall game. I never had used something like this before but I know I needed improvement. It ended up being so simple to use and I saw the difference right away!

  • 5
    Right stance, focus

    Posted by Linda on Jul 11th 2017

    As a total beginner, it helped me focus on the right positions

  • 5
    Better short game

    Posted by Alberto on May 6th 2017

    I've been playing competitive golf since I was six. DaVinci Sports products have helped me maintain my swing fundamentals and sharpened my short game.

  • 5
    Competetive Edge

    Posted by Ariana on Apr 8th 2017

    The DaVinci line of products have helped me achieve my goal of playing college golf. I recommend DaVinci products for anyone learning or looking to improve their game.

  • 5
    Great for older players

    Posted by Joel on Feb 2nd 2017

    I picked up the game last year and with the help of DaVinci Sports Golf. Now, I am loving it!Ê The game has been hard to learn at an older age, but DaVinci's products gave me the ability to practice, knowing I was making correct repetitions.

  • 5
    TGT all the way

    Posted by Jeremy on Feb 1st 2017

    This device has so many options. I bought it at the Tradeshow and my students love it.

  • 5
    Better chipping

    Posted by Chuck on Jul 13th 2016

    I have been working with the TGT from DaVinci For the past year. I've seen amazing improvement in my chipping, raised my confidence around the green...and have never made more chips.

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